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Crankshaft vs Cam bearing noise

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Can anyone out there tell me the difference between crankshaft and cam shaft bearing noise? My 99HSE 162K sounds like a diesel for first 2-3 seconds at start. The next start one min. later, its fine. The other noise is a rattle noise at about 2000 RPM with no load on the drive train right on top of the motor. Was driving at 70MPH and can let off load on drive train and it starts. If I let off petal completely, it stops. I think you call that run out. Anybody with an idea? PS I did a good clean of the rocker assembly and it did not change it at all. :(
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Subbing, I have the same second symptom. Most noticable at low speed, stopped, but even high speed, all with no load on motor.
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