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Cranks but wont start HELP

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Hello I am new to the Land Rover world and thus to this forum as well. I have searched and read many threads but looking for some help/clarification... I bought the vehicle in the current state so I apologize for the lack of background. The battery was completely dead, the prev. owner said it stalled out on him and he had it towed home and left it to sit for several months before he charged the battery - no luck so now I have it! Put in a new battery, truck cranks fine but wont turn over. Put a code reader on with no seen codes (not sure if they would still be there after sitting). Message centre just shows windows/sunroof not set messages. I am thinking its the immobilizer based on what I have read. Is there any way to confirm this without me buying a blackbox? the red leds on both sides of the instrument cluster blink in a seeming pattern (do i need to take note/mention this code/pattern?) Any other Ideas as to why it wont turn over?
Fuel system is getting plenty of pressure on the rail, can also hear pump prime, I will pull plugs in the morning ensure they are getting spark. Any help would be great.


If I do need a blackbox where is the best place to get them (Im in the US) found them on the manufactures website and a foreign ebay listing, anywhere else?
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You may want to check to see if you're getting a signal to your injectors. Put a test light on the contacts on the injector plug and crank it over to see if your getting a pulse. :think:
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