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Thank you so much for the insight. This is exactly what I was looking for. The car I'm looking at was sold CPO at 40k miles. No service records before nor after (from the owner or carfax). I guess if I bought it at 60k miles and started an oil change cadence, maybe just maybe I'd get lucky if major issues arose.

Anyway, after 2 weeks, $200 inspection, and $10k drop in asking; I passed. I do not deny that it could've been a winner though. I love me a good deal.
Just want to comment on all of the above faults.. I have a 2019 f pace and a 2019 rrs the f pace is currently in the shop for 24 faults I did the scan and a bunch of the can bus failures above as well as the multiple modules with invalid info also show up on the f pace it only has 1800 miles on it.
my Range Rover has 8 of the various can bus codes as shown above, one was permanent and the others were intermittent and it only has 187 miles on it.

It is very strange that a bunch of JLR vehicles are having these codes not sure if they are serious or not but i do know that we all are having to bring our trucks in to fix glitches and i dont believe it is only due to the software versions. I would bet that if everyone would have their vehicles scanned even if they are not having symptoms many of the above vaults would show up.

With that said I would have passed on it as well better safe than sorry. I would suggest in the future as whomever scans the vehicle to let you know if they are intermittent, permanent or historic faults they can also tell when the faults happened at what mileage.
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