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I was re-attaching the rear air deflector today. Everything went back smoothly, but I'd like to replace the fasteners with new ones. I can't seem to find the PN in the online parts catalog I'm using, so I'm wondering if anyone can assist. The car is a 2012.

This is the fasterner I'm referring to:

While I was down there, I tried to remove this center panel which covers the hitch receiver. I used a plastic trim removal tool all around the edges and simply was not able to get it out. I checked the manual and I didn't see any directions for the removal. Before breaking something, I decided to get on here and ask for tips.

Last, I'm wondering how in the world do you gain access to the tow hook (for towing the vehicle in case of an emergency, not to be confused with the tow hitch). At first, I thought I was missing the loop altogether, as it is very evident in other years. However, upon closer inspection, I saw that it's tucked above the exhaust tip. This seems to be an issue for the later years with the different rear bumper. Owner's manual doesn't offer much help on this either.

Any help greatly appreciated!
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