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Couple of questions: Front Recovery Points, USB Inputs, Cargo Area Cutout

While I'm waiting for my order of a 2014 HSE to arrive, I'm living vicariously through this forum :) and have a few questions that I'm wondering about:

1) Has anyone come up with suitable front recovery points for the L405? I don't plan to do any serious offroading with it at least when it's brand new, but it never hurts to have proper recovery points. For the rear, I would assume the trailer hitch could be used.

2) Where are the USB inputs for the audio system located and what sorts of storage devices / capacities are supported? In case it matters, I went with the optional 825W Meridian system.

3) In the rear cargo area, there's a section on the passenger side (basically where the wheel well would be on a solid axle model) that looks like it ought to have a cover so one could store some smaller items out of sight. Has anyone come up with a way to turn this into hidden storage with some sort of a door / cover on it? And out of curiosity, what's in the same area on the driver's side where there isn't a cutout?

I looked into downloading the owner's manual, but could only find something that had it broken into sections with a whole bunch of PDF's on the Topix site, which was a PITA to work with.
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