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Hello All,

I'm looking for a knowledgeable opinion. I have degraded motor mounts, clearly squashed more than they should be. Being oil coated doesn't help, always seems to be a new leak. I am slowly hunting down a small vibration at 70 mph, and the mounts may be part of the issue, but they need to be replaced anyway.

I am a bit skeptical that OEM mounts are in fact higher quality than some after market manufacture. I need 4, and prices range from $6 - $60 each so there is some savings to be had, that I can use for oil leaks. Plus: I have some evidence LR has different part numbers for diesel versed different V8s except the aftermarket listings are fits-all. Is this real, all the photos look the same, except for the bolt size M10 vrs M12?

Anyone have a manufacturer they really prefer for a RRC motor mount? Is there such a thing as a diesel specific mount that is (softer?) verses a 4.2L specific mount? Note I have a 95 LWB. Is there an advantage (or not) to adjusting mount stiffness if there is such a possibility. Some thoughts on this issue will be much appreciated.

Thanks, Jon
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