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With the 12" of snow here North dallas and having owned both tires, and folks asking about Nokians or Coopers, here's my review, most recently the Cooper Zeons,

I would like to say hats off to the Coopers. With close to 12", and our sub divisions not plowed, I was able to take it up to a good speed and tried spinning them and fish tail the RRS, but the Coopers would bite real good and always had great traction. Even on the h'way last night, the handling was great. There was always good traction.

I had the Nokians last year, they were good tires too, but I did not feel them bite into the snow as well as the Coopers in lesser snow, I did take the Nokians up to Breckenridge last year, which seemed to be ok, but I think the Coopers may handle better now that I've driven with with them.

The trade off is the noise of the coopers being little noisey, the nokians were much quieter. The cost of the coopers are much less. SO if you can put up with little more road noise - go for it.
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