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basically 4.4 develop several leaks in the coolant and they get stuffed causing transmission lights and failures if you dont want to spend any money.

radiators leak fix it immediately or face worse things. Also if they get stuffed they cause CEL lights and ruin the transmission if you are cheap.

valley pan, looks like a leaking rear engine. you can spot it by pulling up the engine cover and looking underneath the intake.

upper hoses and bottles usually blast off when its least appropriate like on vacation. So if you have a leak in either one its not a bad idea to replace both cause they will go just at a bad time.

If your valley pan is leaking coolant the best way to do the job is the pull the upper intake, pull the rear crossover tube, the two cross over tubes and then the pan to replace it.

BMW guys gave us the heads up on doing the job correctly.

basically you want to replace the large pcv hoses if they are gummy. poll the upper intake and there is the cyclone separator that gets stuffed causing oil hoses underneath to split. the orings to the cross over tubes and the gaskets for the rear cross over tube.

the coolant valley pan upper and lower part
intake gaskets,
cyclone separator
both lower oil hoses,
4 crossover tube orings
two rear crossover tube gaskets
and its not a bad idea to pull off the oil pcv tube and drain the oil and clean out the tube. it gets gummed up with cheese. ok thats basically water and oil trapped together.

you can order the parts from the dealer or the bmw dealer. your call.

I agree,
Most people replace just a blown hose. Once this is done, this puts more pressure on another weak hose and soon it too will go. This will be repeated until all hoses go. Why not spend the money and do it right the first time and save yourself from being stranded on the road.

Hey we just added a Parts Request to our website http://www.xtremerovers.com/request_parts.php. If you don't see the part, just ask us for it :D
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