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Coolant leak

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Hi all,

I recently purchased a 2006 Range Rover Sport (4.4) with 100k miles.

Over the weekend I took it for a long drive of about 400mi and everytime I stopped and got out of the car, I noticed the ‘sweet’ smell of burnt coolant.

It seems to be coming from a hose behind the radiator fan / under the throttle body. I can’t see an actual leak, but the hose has white residu. In 400mi the coolant level dropped from maximum to halfway the reservoir. I attached a picture of the hose.

Can someone tell me if that is an indication of a common problem? And maybe what the part number of the hose / clamps is so I can replace them.



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Yup, thats probably where it's coming from. Mine had a pinhole then it enlarged a bit. The thermostat housing is not too hard to replace.


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I decided to order the hose and see if that will fix the issue. Actually it’s 2 hoses connected to a T connector. The part number is PCH500941G
I don't have a Tee on my supercharged but I have read several posts on the forum that say one should replace that tee with a brass fitting from home depot. Apparently it can break at anytime and probably at a very inconvenient time at that.
Yes, replace both the tee and the thermostat housing.
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