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Coolant leak - pouring out of header tank

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I have a 2003 Range Rover petrol V8. I have coolant pouring out of the header tank to the right of the radiator (as you look from the front of the car).

The coolant is actually pouring out of a hole (behind the radiator cap to the right as looking from the front) where there was a large plastic screw with a cross head (the head of this screw has come off in my hand).

How do I fix this - what is the part I need and how do I get the old sheared off item out?

All help much appreciated. Any bodge to drive it to a dealer for the parts?


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I'm gonna guess you dont fix that part and you just replace the entire tank $45.

I'd be surprised if they just sold you a screw.
Agreed. You're fortunate that it failed in such a minor way. Mine split at a molding seam without warning. Most inconvenient. The expansion tank - and a number of other cooling system components - is not a lifetime part.
Just mail order a new tank. Don't mess about making poor repairs.
Thanks all for your help and advice.

New tank it is then!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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