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Coolant leak into passenger footwell ....

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As above really, '98 HSE 4.6 RHD. Passenger footwell has a small dribble during a drive if the heater is on warm or hot. I've read the "o" rings replacement guide but i may be confusing myself here...... Arnt the rings on the O/S/F (drivers footwell) which would mean if they leaked it would be into the drivers footwell?

Looking at the photos in the FAQ the pics are shot from the drivers side of the radio.....

Remember its a uk spec RHD car

Please help! Confuseddotcom lol :oops: :D
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orings correct on the drivers footwell. However if your actual heater core is leaking all bets are off as to which side it would be coming out. Are you 100% sure it's really coolant? If it is not cooland then a few other less time consuming options open up like A/C condensation, pollen filters etc.
As this is an international forum and the driver's side could be on the left or right, let's use the term LHS or RHS, not driver's or passenger's side.

And yes, the O-rings are on the RHS.
That'll be why i mentioned its a UK spec car lol ..... ;)

Im taking it to work tomorrow for a proper look,I'm hoping for the cheaper option :roll:
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