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coolant hoses

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Unfortunately i have had a coolent hose go on me in the middle of a field with no one around and typically no tools on me so temporary repair done and back on the road we go and now the other hose is starting to bulge causing my rig to over heat.

The two hoses are the ones that go into the cab one off the expansion bottle and the other is just a short section joining two metal pipes together since the short hose burst the book symbol on my heater has gone out and stayed out which seems strange!

My real question is im now thinking to change all the coolant hoses while im under the bonnet getting dirty so does anyone no where i can get a complete set of coolant hoses for the p38 with the 2.5 bmw diesel engine or does anyone do silicone hoses for are rigs and if they do is there any benefit over the conventional rubber ones?

any help appreciated on this!
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Silicone hoses are good but are a over kill, nothing wrong with normal hoses and best replace all if old
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