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Converting to a Bosch alternator and hit a snag

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I have long threatened to convert my '89 RRC to a Bosch alternator, and this weekend the Lucas alternator broke again (third time in two years, but a month past the 12 month warranty this time). I'm converting using the advice on http://rangerovers.net/rrupgrades/electrical/boschalternator.html. I picked up the alternator this morning on the way to work, and it looks like a good one. I scrounged the two-wire connector off my parts Saab. I have my fasteners ready.

I'm stuck with getting the pulley off the Bosch unit. Has anyone here made the conversion? If so, how did you get your ribbed pulley off? I can't see how to get enough purchase on that slick pulley to stop it turning when I put my breaker bar on the nut.

Thanks for any advice you've got.

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Vice or vice grips
I use an impact gun to remove the 24mm nut. As mentioned earlier a vice will suffice, or you can use a 10mm XZN (triple square) on the shaft, and a 24mm deep offset wrench.


I pioneered the VW Bosch alternator swap back in 2004.


We've exchanged posts in another thread about this conversion. Thanks again for writing it all down and publishing it on the internet.

Thanks also for pointing me to the XZN socket and the 24 mm offset wrench. I'll look for those tomorrow. Meanwhile I'm soaking the nut in penetrant.

I got it off, and easily too. I used my bench vise. This is my "new" vise that I've only had for <ahem> ten years. It has a rotating head with pipe grippers underneath. I'd never used them before, and forgot all about them, until I saw them quietly waiting under there, minding their own business. I gripped the OEM pulley with those pipe grippers and the nut came right off. Too easy.

Now on to the rest of the job after dinner....

I got the Bosch alternator installed, and it went in perfectly. My tach even works for the first time in two years! All I needed to do was get rid of that POS Lucas alternator. Thank you everyone.

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