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As I do with any car I'm considering- I start with the forums. Glad I found this one, been reading through a few pages and makes me want to buy this car even more.

Talk me out of it, or talk me into it. 2006 Sport HSE, Artic Frost exterior / Black interior. 45,000 miles- ONE OWNER. Super clear car, nothing a matter with it whatsoever- verified with dealer. The price is too good to be true- but my biggest question for you existing owners- is this going to be a maintenance nightmare??? From what I've been reading, the 2010's have some problems still and Consumer Reports rates the 06's terrible. Although this is an exceptional condition car- what am I looking at down the road? I own an exotic and am starting to get sick of the service- with this car I'm not so much worried about the money, but the hassle and likelihood of things to go wrong (I drive cars pretty hard).

What are the major things I should look out for? Aside from a full PPI, what are the major issues I should be concerned with and look out for? Any words of wisdom or precautionary measures I should take. You know what I'm getting at...

I'm pretty much already sold (especially after seeing some of the pics on here), but can someone please give me the rundown at all the BAD things as opposed to the good. First car I ever owned was a '97 Disco II and if this turns out to be anything like that car, I'm staying away. Look forward to many more posts here!
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