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Connector blocks.

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Hi everyone just want to share with you a problem I had, whilst driving and listening to a cd in the changer it all of a sudden went qiuet, looked down at my stereo for it to say disc error? Got home to discover that there was no power to cd changer, thought it had given up the ghost so onto eBay to look for a replacement, then I remembered a member on this site of knowledge commented on the wiring looms in the passenger side foot wells can sometimes go bad ( water ingress) so I removed the kick panel to find two white block connectors one looked fine but when I took the other one apart two of the pins just fell out and were totally corroded, I cut the wires either side of the bad block and rejoined them all and made good. Switched stereo back on and hey hey cd changer working again, there are several wires that go into said block so must connect to other items in the rear of my range rover, if I had not remembered this vital info I would have forked out for another cd changer plus may have had electrical problems in the near future, so if any one is having rear electrical issues it may just be worth having a look behind the kick panels at the blocks, hope this info is of use. Cheers Paul.
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Yup! it's a common area for failing connectors (especially with the climate here in the UK...)

I was looking at another P38 around swindon awhile ago with issues connecting diagnostics... cue dodgy pins, and green connectors... New OBD II Socket pins, and some solder and heatshrink later, and connection problems solved!

How's your EAS going? still pumping front up all the time?

Great its fixed but what wires are there? Clarion at least is a unbroken and direct proper cable, no connections. Perhaps it was the 'remote on' causing issues.
Hi Larrys, I have the alpine stereo system in my model 2000my, so not sure if it has a direct lead to cd changer, the block in question had 7 wires connected to it, yellows, greys, blues. I think they were definatley connected to the changer plus other items to the rear of my rangie. Thanks Paul.
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