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Is there a connection / connector that I need to check somewhere? Once I read that there is a connector under the passenger seats that needs to be cleaned / treated and re-seated.

Here is the long story
A few years ago it would periodically get the “three amigos (air suspension disabled. HDC disabled. ABS light).” Since I only used the RR in the Summer for towing a light race car (SCCA and Vintage racer), and I could reset the error with my code reader and get the three amigos to go away if I needed, and I ignored if for a few years.
Then, since I liked the machine so much, I decided to have someone look at it, which I did at a local shop that had a former Land Rover tech, and did other high end cars, mostly BMWs.
Well, after having it there for months (left it there the Winter of 2018 since I was traveling and out of the country), it is now nearly undriveable. Here is what they did, and what I now have:

Replaced instrument cluster with new – something about a 12 volt signal was observed where there should have been a 5 volt. Replaced with a new unit.
Replaced the right rear axle and hub with used – speed pickup ring bad and could not disassemble, so replaced whole assembly.
Replaced the steering wheel position sensor with new.
Replaced the shift position sensor (one the side of the trans – forgot the correct name) with used.

Upon picking it up - had to disconnect the ABS connector since the ABS would engage on the left rear wheel. ABS would engage.
No speedometer
Head unit (radio, navigation, information center) dead. Related? - Unrelated probably.

Then, all within a 100 miles of leaving them:
Started seeing a trans fault. I double checked the trans and trans axle fluid and they are okay. Checked all the connectors. Cleaned them with electronic cleaner and made sure the connections were tight.
Right rear turn signal doesn’t work. Odd that it went out at the exact same time. I have chased the wire. The wire from the front to the back for the trailer light works. No signal from front connector.
Air suspension disabled (one of the three amigos).
Of course the ABS is off since I have to keep the ABS connector disconnects to move it.

I subsequently replaced both rear speed sensors.
Did a parts swap day last Fall 2018 (8 hours of swapping computers, trans motors, parking / shift position sensor, etc.) with a 2005 that ran fine. The ’05 parts on mine did not fix anything. My parts on the ’05 did not break anything or generate a fault.

Now, I have the trans fault nearly all the time (since I do not drive it very often, the faults come back once it has sat), and when it is present the transmission does not engage / shift / lock for high speed driving (“torque converter lock up clutch” not engaging for 1:1).

Keep thinking it is a simple wire or connector somewhere (some computer not seeing the speed sensors) that will fix all the ills. Thus the original opening question.

2006-2009 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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I went thru about 3 rear speed sensors both OEM and aftermarket on my 06 before I found my problem last time I pulled a hub apart. I had swapped out the entire rear hub when I was doing rear upper and lower bushings, (its way easier to have a prepared hub set to go in then try to get the old bushings out on the truck), because i know you can't get those ABS sensors out after 10 years or so, and most times you can't get the parking brake cable out either, they both become one with the hub over time.

Well my 3 amigos came on as soon as the truck moved after they were reset (indicating its not a wiring issue, if it were they would come back as soon as the truck was started). I tried cleaning out the tone ring thinking maybe there was rust in between the metal "teeth" of the ring that could affect it, cleaned up the contacts in the box up above the wheel behind the liner, nothing helped. So I shaved down the mounting lug on the wheel sensor itself just a bit so it fit into the hole in the hub just a tiny bit deeper, and that solved my problem (there is a spec for clearance of the sensor to the tone ring). Apparently either the sensor mounting location on the hub wasn't machined quite deep enough, or the sensor itself was off a little. either way it works now, and I have all the other functions working as well, the Speedometer, the ABS, HDC, and EAS.

The rest I have no idea.
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