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This is enough to make my head explode.

So there are different approaches, each has its' limitations though. The main complication is the integration of the RSE system AND the fact that it's got aux inputs already!

Basically, the RSE screen source will always have to be selected by the OEM system, right?

1. Watching an RSE DVD - RSE screens work like original; output from RSE module to GVIF input 1.. I'll have to switch to that input with the GVIF to view up front. This can be bypassed by use of the nav-tv hack which would allow DVD viewing on OE DVD control screen while in motion. I like that, but I can't justify buying both units.

2. AUX Inputs - This is where it gets tricky. GVIF and RSE system have AUX inputs already. If someone's in the back and plugs in a device into the RSE AUX ports, it plays on RSE system like original. How can I view this on front screen? My only solution is to splice the wires behind that input panel and have one set of RCAs going to RSE module and one set going to GVIF input 2. AUX 2 RSE input would be the same thing.. one splice goes to OE RSE module and the other goes to GVIF input 3 .

Note: I wish pressing an input source on the RSE touch screen menu could select the GVIF input also!

3. Backup Camera - Not a lot of flexibility here - the GVIF has a backup only dedicated input I believe? ..and a switch wire. Can this be viewed while NOT in reverse?

4. OEM Touch Screen Video Input - So I can view the original NAV / 4x4 info stuff. Does this count as another input source? For example would this need to be GVIF input 4?

5. iPod video/sound Input - well um, I think I'm out of inputs - but this would be really cool to have. Does anyone know of a SIMPLE iPod dock plug that gives me RCAs AND 12v charging wires? Just red/black nothing crazy, no transformer or cig. plug.

Well that's a bummer, I didn't think much about this aspect of it! 8-0=

How does GVIF handle sound switching? I don't think it does/can.. so..

#1. watching DVD - through the OE system this would switch head unit to DVD so that's fine.
#2. aux inputs - after pressing the source on the RSE menu, this will go through the head unit, right?
#3. backup camera - N/A
#4. OE display - N/A
#5. iPod Integration - So instead of using RCAs into RSE aux, I'd just run the video to GVIF input (5?!) and sound into the aux 3.5mm headphone jack. Might splice into this wire behind the panel so I can't view see it.
Note: no steering controls, audio is still going to be WAY too low.

This system would work, but I'd be manually switching for every single input option. I guess that's fine - I don't see any ways around it.

Has anyone else tried to tackle a system that handles all of these approaches?

Any way to cut into the worthless phone tray connect wire bundle and "borrow" a few of them for my ipod dock cable? This way I could leave all that stuff alone and wouldn't have to drill anything out. Just connect the wires under the console to the audio/vid source, and do something in the tray that converts it to a USB/dock plug.
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