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Comparing IID tool and iLAND diagnostic tool

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Does anyone have any experience with any of these two diagnostic tools (IID Tool and iLand Diagnostic Tool)?

I need to be able to read and clear Faults on a 2016 Sport Supercharged.

Empty the Compressor Reservoir. Deflate the Suspension Bags. Enter in service mode to repair Brake Rear Brakes.

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I bought an iLAND about six months ago. I chose it because 1) it did everything I wanted it to do (read/clear faults, reset the service indicator), 2) I could use it with a spare iPhone/iPad that I can keep at the shop, 3) it is dedicated to NAS vehicles and supported (by someone on this side of the pond that I do business with regularly), and 4) you purchase one or more models, but it isn't VIN-locked... I got another L322 owner to chip in and it pretty much paid for itself after both of us changed our oil once.

I have no experience with the other tools out there, but the iLAND fir my mission. And I did have an issue, which turned out to be me just looking at a function that was appropriately-named but not applicable to my vehicle (documentation is sparse). Nonetheless, Eric from AB (and even people developing the tool) were prompt and helpful in setting me straight.

My 2 cents.

I purchased the GAP Diagnostics IIDTool BlueTooth from Lucky8 in April 2018; it has been very useful for my 2011 Range Rover HSE (L322) 5.0 V8.

Have used it to reset the "Service Required" alert, reading and clearing OBDII codes, and performing air suspension diagnostics (it can also calibrate). The IIDTool BT is capable of much more than what I have used it for, and I definitely recommend it for your intended uses. Lucky8 provided a military discount for me ($478.00 delivered) and they were easy to deal with.

Good luck finding the diagnostics tool for you.
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