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Collet plate

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EAS valve block removal , those collets can be a pig, using a screwdriver only pushes on one side which makes matters worse and the language turns the air blue so try this idea, yes it takes time but make it when you don’t need it and just have it ready for when you do, mine took me about an one and a half hours but I had to do the measurements, fortunately I had a spare valve block and box.

Make the plate from a piece of 2mm aluminium about 6”x 9” (17mm x 228mm ) For the holes you will need a 4mm drill, 6mm drill, & a 8mm drill, same sizes if using a router,. Make sure that the top left hand corner of the plate is square, all measurements are in inches, from the top of the plate down or from the left hand side in

The first hole is a 4mm 2.7/8” down 7/8” in from left hand edge 73mm 22mm
Second hole is 6mm 3 ¼” down 1 ¾” in “ “ “ 82mm 43mm
Third hole is 6mm 2.13/16” down 2.9/16” in “ “ “ 71mm 84mm
Forth hole is 6mm 2.3/16” down 4.3/16” in “ “ “ 55mm 105mm
Fifth hole is 6mm 3.¼” down 5” in “ “ “ 82mm 126mm
Sixth hole is 8mm 3.3/16” down 5.7/8” in “ “ “ 81mm 149mm
Seventh hole is 6mm 3.1/8” down 7.7/8” in “ “ “ 78mm 200mm
Eighth hole is 8mm 5.1/8” down ¾” in “ “ “ 130mm 19mm

You now need to cut slots from the bottom of the plate to each hole slot width same as hole size, slots must be parallel, I found it best to mount the plate on to a piece of ½” board making sure that the left hand edge was square with the plate, if using a router mount the plate with the slots facing away from you this way you pull the router towards you and you can see when to stop, also if using a router you don’t need to drill holes just mark the top of the slot so you know when to stop, make the board long enough so you can clamp it to the bench, cut all slots 4mm then open up to the required size, Because of the shape of the inside of the box you now need to cut the bottom of the plate off from the second slot on the left to the right hand side the amount to cut off is 2” (50mm ) . Long winded I know but when in use it’s a dream.

To use the plate , remove the screw at the back of the housing next to the cruise control , remove the air silencer, remove compressor, unclip the connector and plug move out of the way, slacken the two screws holding the valve block, move valve block back to allow the plate to drop between the valve block and box ,now do the two screws up sandwiching the plate between the box and valve block disconnecting all the pipes is now no problem. Best Regards Sillyboy East London.


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Great idea but it's easier to remove pipes after having drained the whole system.
:shock: Bloody hell that is a lot of work! I use small curved needle nose, $5 at local cheapo discount store, to press both sides of the collet and the hose pops right out.
I think sillyboy should work for Land Rover's special tools department.
p.s. great tool if your doing it very often.
I just use a small open-ended spanner (wrench) over the airline to push the collet in - the pipe slides out quite easily then.
keithdixon said:
I think sillyboy should work for Land Rover's special tools department.
p.s. great tool if your doing it very often.
That's **** right. That's the LRT-007 tool ;)
8mm spanner on collets!!

But that looks bloody great! How much to make another??
Hi to all I understand your comments and yes you can use spanners ect. but with the plate you remove all the pipes in one go not having to keep fiddling around finding each one, I'm sure that if you used this plate you would agree.
Best regards sillyboy
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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