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I drive 2000 Range rover Autobiography 4.6 (P38) and since two weeks im facing weird problem when i start my vehicle in the morning. It takes many self and after 1 min or so it starts. I changed the battery but still problem persist.

Now after week i figured a way out that in that first minute i give self or not it doesnt matter, start the car after 1 minute of switching on and it starts in single self. (lol)

After this cold start issue, during the day time i never face this again until next day morning. No hesitation on flooring the throttle to see if fuel pump response is ok or not. Slight hesitation in idling is there but that this there since few months now.

Some saying change CKPS (Crankshaft position sensor), Some saying fuel pump.

My logic to both is: if its sensor how come electricry issue comes in uniform pattern only in morning why not randomly sometime during day or night as well. If its fuel pump then why its not dying when i floor or other time during drive or give any slightest hesitation or burp sometime during the day. I even did SMOOTH 500 km drive few days back and it was all fine.

Can any one help in pointing in right direction or right diagnostics please. Thanks guys.
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