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code P1614, electric thermostat circuit open, code P0102

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Hi all,

the system diagnosis throws up the fault code mentioned in title.

after 20-30 minutes of driving live feed registers following parameters:

-engine temperature: 111 deg C
-oil temperature : 100 deg C

the above two are found under the section " auto gearbox", not sure why engine temperature is found there and not under "engine".

- coolant temperature: 104.25 deg C
- radiator coolant temperature: 42.75 deg C

is my thermostat shot ?
Will it work again if I just delete the error codes ?

Another remark: Oil is oozing out of oil filter housing. I checked for grit between the O-ring (gasket), made sure it's not two O-rings ( the old one + the new one from the oil change few weeks ago), took O-ring off and back on again, torqued it up tight , still oozed, torqued it up less tight, still oozed.

Only at engine start though, no more after 15 min of driving.

Checked the hoses at the back of the engine which I believed to be the PCV hoses (hoses labeled "1" and "2" in picture ( amendment: somehow can't upload picture now)) , they were fine.

I do have the engine fumes tube which feeds the engine fumes back into the air filter housing disconnected however. Can this lead to the PCV valve failing?
Does error code P0102 ( Mass or Volume Air Flow circuit low input) have anything to do with it ?

How many dolla dolla $$ to repair a PCV valve and thermostat ?

All help welcome,
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I'm have the same exact issue. And this is the one discussion that has no replies.
Probably because Southerncross did not have a RRS and may have got his questions answered when he subsequently posted in the section that covers his vehicle.
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