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2008 Land Rover Range Rover HSE 4.4l V8
The vehicle Works great and runs smooth in the city and high way.
The only issue it’s losing power when climbing high heels on high speed ( 70-80 )
When try to push pressing accelerator pedal to get more power the RPM go high 4
After that got message transmission fault
Code P0741
( Torque Convetrer clutch Circuit performance/stuck off )
the issues I was searching and I found too many reasons could be for this code
Including :-
1- Torque converter
2- Solenoid
3- Transmission fluid
4- transmission slipping
Is possible to know exactly which of this could be the problem?

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Welcome to the forum :)

2008 4.4 V8? Last production in the UK was 2007MY so I didn’t realise they were still producing them as late as that. Must be just for the US market, I guess.

Anyway, as solenoid problems are by far the biggest issue with the 6HP26 transmission, my advice would be to try replacing the solenoid first (EDS 6 – yellow cap).

In fact, if you’re thinking of keeping the car for a while, then I’d strongly recommend that you replace all of the solenoids while you’re at it.

If that doesn’t work then you’ll probably need to replace the torque converter, which is a much bigger job as the transmission has to come out.


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This could be an issue of transmission fluid condition. The code set indicates that the incorrect rpm change was noted during your hill climb. Since the PCM cannot determine the cause, it will generate a "generic" failure code. Though the PCM can check the solenoid's electrical condition in some situations, it cannot isolate the culprit.
Changing the trans fluid MAY unstick a solenoid, especially if the fluid has changed color or smells funny. Ray
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