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Following installation of a PSI Powerbox on my 110K P38 Diesel the following has issue with the clutch has appeared, I guess the additional power has highlighted a problem that already existed (I will disconnect it and try to replicate when I have time). I would greatly appreciate your input...

The car will pull away in 1st or 2nd with no problem but when accelerating hardish in 3rd, 4th or 5th the revs shoot up as if the clutch is slipping, it does not happen if I accelerate gently.
Reverse gear also becoming increasingly difficult to engage, fifth is fine, not sure if this is related.

I have not noticed any noise or smell when it happens, it is almost as if the clutch is not fully engaging in the higher gears?

I also have some idle issues which could be the dreaded DMF, could the DMF be linked to the clutch issue?

In view of the mileage I accept that I should replace both the clutch and the DMF but I would like to confirm exactly what the cause is.

Also should I be looking to do any work on the transfer and/or gearbox, potential issues are difficulty engaging reverse, notchy 1st to 2nd (but it has been like that from new) and the last set of tyres lasted half as long as the previous set and the current ones look like going the same way.

Thanks for any suggestions
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