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Hey Guys,

Ive been lurking around this site for a few months now and love the information that you guys share. I posted buy this vs that question recently and have managed to narrow my search for a Rover down to two different vehicles. This car will be a my weekend fun car as I have a company car that I can drive any other time, so i want expect to put very many miles on it.

The first of these is a 2002HSE 4.6 Black P38 with 76000 miles on the clock. The carfax report checks out with 1 owner and a great service history. I did all of the regular tests that are recommended here during the examination and test drives. The electrical looks good, the bags fill and release, great pickup. Of course the EAS hasnt failed yet (key word yet) it does seem like a well kept machine. The only negative is some arm rest damage and a little cracking in the leather. The dealer is asking 12500.00 dollars of which Im sure I can get down some more.

The second is the notorious 2003 Black MKIII. This vehicle has 83000 on the clock and was purchased by the local rover club shop at auction. They replaced the tires/wheels, front bumper, some electrical work. There is still a little steering column work that needs to be done as well as some paint damage they were going to repair. They did say I could get the car as is for 16000 appx.

I just wanted to see what you guys thoughts were on these two monsters.
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