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Check your rear boot / trunk for moisture!

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Ok I found this when looking for another problem (see my Sat Nav CD DSP thread) however after having had the car parked up for a while due to the swine flu I have today discovered a wet patch in the boot / trunk. This message is hopefully to help others as they may get some expensive damage for what is otherwise a simple and quick check to prevent issues.

In my case water from some heavy periods of rain had pooled on the upper tailgate frame. As you open the tailgate this is the area where the two rubber hoses / grommets come in to the main vehicle body. There was a load of leaf and twigs on rim near to the hinges which could not be seen at ground level but formed an effective dam to produce a pool sufficent to allow water to weap in through the rubber grommets. This water in my case then ran dowm the trim on the left (as you look from the rear with the boot open) and in to the area of the sat nav and carpet in this corner.

I only found this due to a seperate issue but on researching here others have had this problem to so I thought it timely to flag this for other to check their cars for any dam forming or dampness already evident. If it only saves one person issues with electronic then it will serve its purpose. If not tackled it will also cause issues with trim too. I was lucky and found this by chance.

Please check yours too! I don't even have trees overhanging the car.
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Thanks for the info..... Hope you get well soon!!!
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