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Check Trailer light warning

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Hello fellow RR L322 series 3 Range Rover owners,

Hoping that one of you knowledgeable folk can tell me what is happening to mine.........

Check trailer light warning is showing n the dash when turning off the ignition. Also show warning when indicating to turn and a rapid clicking of indicator lights. Also have one circular led interior light flickering (just ordered new one from local dealer) Don't know if it has anything to do with it.

As always any help appreciated.

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who knows what year truck you have?
Beg your pardon, its a 2004 RR L322 series 3 4.4 V8
Do you have a trailer module installed? If so, is it Genuine or some sort of aftermarket? Is there a trailer connected to the truck?
Hi Markin,

Thank for te reply The vehicle is original. No trailer attached
Do you have the wiring harness for the trailer hitch installed (NA cars come with the hitch bar, but don't come from the factory with the wiring installed)? Any LED bulbs anywhere in the brake, turn, clearance lamps?
Hi Mark,
Thanks for the reply. The car s UK spec and everything is factory fitted. Original in everyway.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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