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check out my bling bling

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had a life changing moment this weekend. decided to ditch the fatty copper tires and the offroad goodies. getting ready to slam my RRS to the bumper stops, throw on some twenty fo's and bling it out. first was picking up this new grill. it's a chromed out version of the FFRR S/C grill made for the RRS. still gotta pick up the logo.

ok seriously some guy on craigslist needed an RRS to throw this on and snap some pics for his website. and since he's selling (amongst other vehicles) RRS (mostly chromed out) accessories, which we all know hardly anyone does, i thought i'd help him out. pardon me while i go put this up in the for sale section.
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Mannnn ,don`t mess it up ,this is not Tahoe or Escalade ,I personally would rather stay away from chrome for RR ,but it is your car ,do whatever you want ,it is just my opinion hope you dont get mad at me :naughty:
Very good Phil, very good... I admit my jaw dropped for a couple of secs (till the twentyfo's part), before I realized you were pulling our legs. :clap:
I was calling bs before I clicked on the thread, but then got worried...
Phil-shizzle ma grillzzle!

Nice practical joke there!!!

All you need now are some chrome fog light bezels baby!

Juet letting you know I didnt fall for it !!! Lol

We all know the true soul of your RRS :)


Enjoy your ride fellas!!
Actually, and I'm not a fan of chrome except on bathroom fixtures, that doesn't look all that bad. Maybe its the blue sky reflecting in the chrome or something :think:
Haha. Didn't think I was really fooling anyone. My wife only let me keep it on long enough to snap these pics.
Nothing a rattlecan of flat black can't fix!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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