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Check Engine Light

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Hi Folks,

I drive a 1996 4.0 P38, for sometime now the check engine light has been on,recently it now goes off and on continously then stays on,please can someone tell what this signifies
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Could be a lot of things if it comes on and then goes off - but if it is blinking you shouldn't be driving it until you get the error codes read.
When the CEL is blinking, is the truck driving the same as it did before? Not enough info bud.

But agreed, blinking CEL means pull over and don't drive it.
The only real way to find out is a diognostics system.
There are ways by reading blinking lights etc. but really its best to jsut get it read.

There area lso faults that you can drive with quite happily BUT if the light is already on then you loose that protection if a major fault then comes up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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