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Check Engine Light and no codes displayed?

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When I can get the 93 Rangie running (battery problems). I get a Check Engine light yet no codes are displayed. Has anyone seen this and can you point me in the right direction?
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Also when I start her up. I get Bee Boop, Beee Boop. from the dash. I couldn't find anything in the owner's manual about that.
OkieRover, first of all thank you for your contribution to the Classic through your website. It contains a wealth of information and good pictures to boot.

I am no expert on Rovers, as I have own mine for about 6 months. First on the "Bee Boop, Beee Boop" chime. It is not refered to anywhere excet the reference to the 'key in' warning under the fuses section (Fuse B2). In MY 1993, I hear the same sound sometimes......when I put the key in the ignition. So, the sound is normal operation with key in. Should turn off when you start the Rover.

My Check engine light has been on since I bought the Rover. Since yours is not showing any codes...Are you showing any other codes? Is the code display unit working? Also, I am sure you have tried this, but have you disconnected the battery again for a few minutes and reconnected to see if the Check engine light still illuminates?

I wish I could repay your work on your website with a great answer. However, I am still learning.

1993 LWB Plymouth Blue
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I would have thought you should only get a check engine light once it has logged a fault code, unless there is a problem with the diagnostics as Parker says.

Bee Bop noise isn't some sort of seatbelt warning chime?

Mine doesn't Bee Bop or have a code reader so i'm not much help either.

Do the reset and drive it and see if it throughs the light again. You are sure its the orange check engine light and not the red service engine light?
Thanks everyone. And thanks for the kind words about my website. I wish I had more time to do more.

I may have found the beep bop issue. When I start the rover with my foot on the brake, I get the beep bop chime. When I started her Friday before the drive home, I didn't have my foot on the brake and it didn't sound the beep bop chime. I'm gonna do some more testing.

No codes are being displayed.
I'm thinking at this stage my code display is dead. Before I took the Rover back from my daughter we had a code 69 (gear switch position). When that code comes up you get a check engine light associated with it. I have nothing on the display so I can't rule out that I'm still getting that code and thusly the display is suspect. I'm gonna get a second display and test.

I've reset it. I recently replaced the battery so I know the codes were cleared. When you turn off the engine the check engine light goes off. When you restart there is no check engine light. During drives the light comes on. Sometimes it is not associated with any event, no stumble, nothing. But sometimes it lights when I have a hickup in operation, described in the next paragraph.

On Friday driving home I was about 20 minutes into my drive. The engine and every thing just shut off, and then back on. I was going about 40-45 mph when it happened. It's done this a couple of times before. I thought replacing the coil and checking all the electrical connections and refitting them I would have affected something misbehaving due to a failure of components or electrical paths.

When I got to the next light, she stalled. I slipped it into neutral and started her back up. She ran fine after restart. Next light, same thing. All the way home. Got home sitting in the driveway, I started her and she ran idled like a top for 10 minutes no problems.

At this point,
What is causing the engine to shut off like that?
Why wouldn't she idle at the lights but would idle in my driveway after restart?
I'm wondering how much a code 69 might have to do with a fully functioning ignition. Because if the gear lever switch is in the disable mode like when the lever is not in neutral or park I wonder if it could cause the ignition to be interrupted?
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Could be a can 'o' worms old boy. I would start with the gear position switch (although i would have thought it would only affect the starter...) and see what happens.

Could look for all the normal stalling issues but i would start there, and maybe try a different code reader if poss?
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