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Hey guys, as part of my timing job I had to remove the supercharger, so I thought I would post a pic of what the drain looks like on the back of the supercharger, you can see it's just a hex/allen style fitting (I forget what size):

Auto part Metal Engine

I "suppose" you could change the fluid with the supercharger still in the vehicle but it would be incredibly difficult. You would need some type of vacuum source to get the old fluid out, and then it would be very difficult to refill as well. There's just no room back there to work when it's still in the vehicle.

Chances are, if you are wanting to change the fluid, it's time for a new coupler/isolator, which requires supercharger snout removal, which requires supercharger removal. In other words, personally I wouldn't attempt to change the fluid without removing the supercharger from the vehicle.

Removing the supercharger can be done in a few hours, but it's not fun.

If you are attempting to refill with the supercharger in the vehicle, you would simply continue filling until fluid starts to run out of the fill hole (you would need a mirror).

Since I had the supercharger out of the vehicle, I just placed the supercharger vertically, filled it up, then set it down horizontally and let it drain out until the flow more or less stopped out of the fill hole.

Regarding fluid, this is what you want to use, you probably only need one but I would get two just in case:

Motor oil Product Fluid Water Liquid


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