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Changing oil for the first time today...

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Just picked up the MKIII as the new company car and i'm changing the oil today. Is there anything out of the ordinary I need to look for? how many courts? I plan on just using regular mobile one synthetic.


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My mannual for my 05 (BMW engine) says 9.6 qts from dry and 9 qts oil refill and filter change. I can not say what the Jag engine needs.

The drain plug has a pretty shallow head on it. Be sure to use the correct socket. I rounded mine off a bit, but they're not expensive. Don't forget to lube the new o-ring a bit. My '05 doesn't take the manuals full volume of oil. I put in 8 quarts, check, then maybe just a drop or two more.
Don't forget to fit a new washer to the oil pan bolt...

Don't forget the new o-ring at the filter too... Also when you wrench the filter out, wrench with one hand and hold the oil filter housing with another to take the stress off the mounts... One day if you wrench on it without holding it, you'll end up wrenching the whole housing off it's brackets.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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