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I changed the pads out on my new to me RR 2011 V8 SC, and the backs are as expected, but the fronts are fixed caliper monoblocks which are a bit different from floating calipers. I didn't find info on this procedure for the rover's six pistons anywhere so I decided to put a quick write up here and later on www.offroadrover.com.

Basically the key to changing the front brakes pads is to leave the 21 mm 12 point bolts that attach the caliper to the knuckle alone (unless you are doing rotors), all the wires and hoses can stay put.

To get to the pads I'd suggest tapping out the top pin whilst holding the bracket in place, otherwise it will spring out. I've taken a picture of the alignment of the bracket but it's good to note its position for re-assembly.

Then once the bracket and first pin is off you undo the opposing pin by tapping it thru, and undue a 13mm bolt on the back of the center "super-pin" and pull the super pin thru.

You need to compress the pistons without removing the calipers. There are a few methods to do this. I went with a vise grips slowly compressing each side of the used brake pads against the adjacent monoblock caliper. There is a picture of the compressed pistons attached. I found that I needed to further compress the pistons individually by hand with the used pads before replacing the pads.

Replacing the old pads with new pads is then a reversal of this application. I guided the pin through the bottom first, then put the part of the bracket that doesn't have a shoulder towards the bottom and through the appropriate pad loops. Then I replaced the center super pin with 13mm bolt, then I replaced the top pin last while applying force to the bracket to properly thread the pin through the brake pad loops and bracket.

Once the pins are tapped flush you should take a small driver head or similar and tap it the pins further until they come to a rest, now they are fully seated.


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