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Change Steering Wheel?

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After my wife would sun-goo up the kids all summer she would simply drive off, and the residual sun lotion on her hands quickly has deteriorated the steering wheel leather.

I have seen some nice wood wheels, so how hard is it to replace, how much, maybe just how much to repair the wrap? Anybody do this?
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111mb said:
I really like the wood shift knob and wheel that was in my G500. The pictures I've seen of RRSs w/ these pieces in wood look really nice but WOW are they expensive. Is there a secret source out there?

Best source I have found is APSIS USA...talk to a guy named Jersey and have fun negotiating...that's part of the fun. I did find a great zebrando wood steering wheel on Ebay with no issues, but bought the panels, door arms, hockey sticks and gear shift knob from APSIS, did a good trade in with my cherry wood and then some more off the top.

Tell them you were referred from RR.net...quality is top notch and that's what counts...there's nothing more annoying than a glitch/bump/scratch...and after a few months, you'll forget about the price, but still enjoy the quality.

Another alternative is William RAU in LA...found his quality to be just as good, but prices were higher.

On occasion, you'll see similar items pop up on Ebay...beware however of the shift knobs which come up as they often don't have the full seamless wood but a large annoying 1/4 inch gap on the back side...don't buy them!
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