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Change Steering Wheel?

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After my wife would sun-goo up the kids all summer she would simply drive off, and the residual sun lotion on her hands quickly has deteriorated the steering wheel leather.

I have seen some nice wood wheels, so how hard is it to replace, how much, maybe just how much to repair the wrap? Anybody do this?
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I am a year out of warranty, have about 60K, yes I tend to keep my vehicles until they are ready to be squashed like a beer can and thrown in the bin. :wink:

Can you send the skinny kid up to Seattle? I could make him coffee before and send him away with a bottle of scotch after.

Thanks for the tip.
rrtoadhall said:
If you are at all leery of working around air bags, Jim or Steve should be able to swap that for you in a matter of minutes. Just add it to your next visit with them.
Good idea, I have to admit I AM leery about the airbags. They are great guys.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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