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Change Steering Wheel?

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After my wife would sun-goo up the kids all summer she would simply drive off, and the residual sun lotion on her hands quickly has deteriorated the steering wheel leather.

I have seen some nice wood wheels, so how hard is it to replace, how much, maybe just how much to repair the wrap? Anybody do this?
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O-Town said:
If your truck is still under warranty the dealer will replace it for free, just got mine replaced told them it was delaminating, there is a tsb on it check the search engine here on the site. good luck :D
darn, i tried to get mine replaced under warranty here in Tampa but they wouldnt do it. My wheel is showing wear and is shiny. Is that what yours was like? Maybe I should go to your dealer in Orlando.

Marcos F
are you trying to scam me on an inferior steering wheel cover? That interior is clearly not that of a Land Rover! lol
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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