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Change panhard rod and radius arm bushes

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Hi there,

I am planning to change the Panhard rod bushes rear and front and the radius arm bushes in the front.

Can i do this job without a workshop press? I was thinking of using a hacksaw to remove the old bushes and was hoping that i can press in the new bushes without a press - maybe a hammer?

Has anyone done this? Do i require any other special tools?
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PanHard rod bushes should be able to be pressed in using a socket with a slightly smaller outer diameter than the bush and bashing it in with a hammer, though I have never done them on a Range Rover, only other cars. It's not pretty but it will work if you swing hard enough. Radius arm bushes I wouldn't think could be done like this. Last time I did radius arm bushes was on a Nissan GU Patrol and it required a 100ton press to remove the bushes (I think they gave way at about 50-60ton with a god almighty bang). Fitting them required equal force, something not achievable with a hammer :)

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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