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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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I have a RR P38 4.6HSE from 1996 and a Discovery 1 3.9 from 1994, both cruise control systems are (almost) equal.

The CC of the P38 I fixed a while back by converting the ECU to a AMR5700, and I did the same with the Disco.

The CC of the Disco still didn't work, tested it with the pump and actuator from the P38, and then it did work.

Actuator of Disco was leaking, and I thought the vacuum pump didn't work either.

Yesterday I bought an actuator and a pump from a Disco 2 from 2002, the plug on the pump is different as on the P38/Disco. (flat)

This plug has 4 wires instead of 3, the colors are the same, but the new one has a thick green/purple wire on it.
The pump works, the valve works, but it still doesn't create a vacuum.

Anyone who know what the green/purple wire should control/ connected to?

Thanks :)

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Download the multi model rave, see the FAQ at the top of the forum for link. Once you have RAVE compare schematics
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