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Have you tried a reboot? Turn it off and on again - disconnect the battery (only after leaving the doors closed and the bonnet open for AT LEAST 5 minutes to allow the NAV computer to go to sleep or you will "White Screen Of Death" it) then leave it unplugged for about 5 mins then connect it back up and see where you're at.

Also please report back, so that in the future people know what works and what doesnt.


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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
1,973 Posts
motosport3 said:
I have not tried a reboot, and haven't read about the "white screen of death" until now. Sounds like more electronic pain. Will let you know what the mechanic finds.
Battery disconnection
It is imperative that the key is removed from the
ignition before disconnecting the battery. A time of 2
minutes must also elapse before disconnection.

Failure to do so could result in:
l Navigation computer hardware damage
l Incorrect fuel gauge reading
Before disconnecting the battery, disable the alarm
system and switch off all electrical equipment. If the
radio is to be serviced, ensure the security code has
been deactivated.

CAUTION: Never disconnect the battery with the
ignition switched on.

CAUTION: To prevent damage to the navigation
computer hardware, a waiting period of two
minutes must elapse after the ignition is
switched off before the battery leads are

CAUTION: To prevent damage to electrical
components, always disconnect the battery
when working on the vehicle's electrical system.
The ground lead must be disconnected first and
reconnected last.

CAUTION: Always ensure that battery leads are
routed correctly and are not close to any
potential chafing points.
After re-connecting the battery, the steering wheel
must be turned to full LH and RH lock (with engine
running). This allows the DSC system to relearn the
steering wheel position. Failure to do so will result in
a variety of instrument warning lights being
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