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Catalytic Converter Croaking

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My driverside (left) catalytic converter started rattling last week, I have done a field repair to eliminate the rattle but replacement is eminent :cry:

So I am going to have to replace them. Any recommendations on cost effective solutions.
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I can't speak for any other state, but a lack of a cat will give you the big fat emissions FAIL for most counties in PA. For OBDII vehicles they do hook it up to the machine and record everything - and this data is sent to the State for records and evaluation by the machine. Hello Big Brother.

Older vehicles they use the tailpipe sniffer, but they can use it on newer models if they think something is goofy. My Saab 9000 failed every year with all of the fuel and boost mods I had on it.

But, and this is key, they do perform a visual inspection to ensure all of the parts are there - gas cap, evap stuff, and yes, a cat converter. You might be able to get away with hogging out the guts of the cat if your emissions inspection is pretty soft, but I wouldn't even bother. Get a $99 performance cat and be done with it (or used perhaps as mentioned). You could weld an O2 bung just about anywhere.

Thankfully there are exemptions if your vehicle has driven less than 5,000 miles since last inspection. Comes in handy sometimes.
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kmagnuss said:
We dont' have emissions testing here. I'm pretty sure AL doesn't either.

I'll kick a baby seal if I ever see one.

I'm jealous. Once your legislative body figures out that they can gouge everyone for another $50 a year for another b.s. sticker on your car, it will be game on. If Pennsylvania could figure out a way to tax you for blinking, they sure as heck would.

Good luck Nike, if you can exploit your connections/situation, by all means.
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