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Catalytic Converter Croaking

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My driverside (left) catalytic converter started rattling last week, I have done a field repair to eliminate the rattle but replacement is eminent :cry:

So I am going to have to replace them. Any recommendations on cost effective solutions.
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where can i get this spacer? think straight piping will help performance a great deal? and how effective do you think it would be on our "electronically sophisticated" vehicles?
we have computerized stuff here...they dont always physically look, but they check the computer. i think i could get by with it, and i work at an inspection station, so im covered
im not trying to exploit, im just trying to save money on not buying cats, plus maybe gain a little in gas mileage and performance. i cant seem to figure out what to use...ive read about non-foulers, but what size? and how do you think the range rover electronics would deal with it?
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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