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Catalytic Converter Croaking

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My driverside (left) catalytic converter started rattling last week, I have done a field repair to eliminate the rattle but replacement is eminent :cry:

So I am going to have to replace them. Any recommendations on cost effective solutions.
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straight pipe with o2 sensor spacer
depends on where you go.
it keeps your car from throwing a code for not having a cat on it. You may not need it...but you might. It goes in the secondary sensor (post cat) and basically just makes it read less emissions by getting it out of the stream of exhaust. They're about $15.
NikeCheck246 said:
where can i get this spacer? think straight piping will help performance a great deal?


We dont' have emissions testing here. I'm pretty sure AL doesn't either.

I'll kick a baby seal if I ever see one.
too many git'r duns, and retired seniors here. They can't choke any more money out of us.
the electronics will be fine. The pre-cat sensor runs the engine...the post cat-sensors just tell the computer if the cat is in working order or not. (to my understanding anyway). If you don't want to eliminate the cats all together, put in some universal high flow race cats.

For me personally, I don't like the smell of running no cats, so when mine go I'll probably throw some high flow cats in there.
1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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