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OK, so my 2003 HSE has been having an on agin/off again relationship with electrical nomality recently..

I'm on my 4th alternator, and 5th battery, in two years.

Alternator initially replaced 2013, all was well for years, then started going flat over night, two years ago.

New alternator, new battery, all was well for a short while (4 months).

Dec 2016, Failed to start, parasitic drain found on 'headlight cleaning' circuit, fuse pulled.

Replaced alternator - bad recon.

Replaced alternator - bad recon.

4 months ago, replaced alternator, all good for a while. I month ago, battery flat, 5th battery (assessed as bad-replaced free) in 5 years...

Now back in the shop, and the alternator is giving a parasitic draw of 5A. When the hot wire is disconnected from the bulkhead, battery draw drops to almost 0V..

We can't be having every bad replacement part in the 'States, what are we missing.

Now, upon starting, after 30 secs, dashboard lights up as HDC, ABS, alternator, TC etc fail lights come on, then shortly after Trans failsafe and lockout in 4th.

These lights come and go while driving inconsistently....

First symptom is my Valentine radar detector starts 'fluttering' as if voltage inconsistent/plug loose... tried leaving it uplugged, no effect on symptoms....

Any insight please guys?

Thank you.

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