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I'm planning a long overland adventure in the RRS next week (The Mojave Road trail) and am working on outfitting the vehicle for my needs on this trip. One thing that has always been a problem is fitting my camping gear in the back with the dog. Because of that he's gone on fewer trips than I'd like.

There are a few writeups on the cargo divider for at least the last generation Sport but I thought some might appreciate some feedback on the new one.

I ordered the full height cargo divider VPLWS0235 and the "dog" partition VPLWS0237.

Install: They looked easy enough to install based on the pictures, but about 10 minutes into the process and around the time I removed the first trim panel I decided this was a bit more than I wanted to tackle. I've done plenty of exhaust, header, stereo, and lift kit installs over the years, but trimming interior panels remains uncomfortable. I called Land Rover Mission Viejo where I had purchased the parts and they offered to install them at minimal charge. A few hours later it was done and all is well.

Fit and Finish: Really nice. These are heavy steal pieces that weigh quite a bit, the main divider must weigh 40 lbs. Once installed you could strap a full ice chest to it and be confident it's not going anywhere.

Utility: Works well. It's very strong. Has a pass through door so I can stick my rifles and tent through the pass through in the rear seat. The dog divider part is adjustable you can put it as close or as far away from one side as you want, although if you want it mounted in the middle you'd prevent opening the pass through door. You'd have to use tools unfortunately to remove the main cargo divider. 4 allen bolts plus some finger screw bolts to remove.

All in all pretty happy. At around $800 it's not cheap, but if bringing your dog along is important to you then there aren't a lot of solid options.

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