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It got to the low 20's the other day here in Jersey...and I started the car up and warmed it up. Went to the local supermarket and upon return...turned the car on once more after about 45 minutes. The temp gauge was below C....so I waited maybe about 2 minutes before starting to drive. The vents were blowing warm-hot air....and everytime I pressed on the gas pedal I heard the engine fan reving at progressive speeds. Strangely....after driving for about 4 minutes or so, the temp guage never rised up to the middle and I continued to hear the engine fan progressively increasing speed as I press on the gas. I turned off and turned the engine off.

Turned the engine back on after 10 minutes....everything went back to normal where by immediately the temp guage is now above C (not quite in the middle) but above C. No engine fan sound.

What is going on? Temp sensor? Am I crazy?
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