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So my car was broken into over the weekend while visiting family. The good news is they didn't mess with the car any...seems like they just opened the door and got away with few gas cards, sunglasses, etc probably $500 worth. Did steal a credit card and I'm seeing some charges from the playstation store and paypal (don't use those) and reported it to my card and closed those accounts...not sure if police care. Anyways,

I have a '10 sport

Normally I don't press the "lock" on my key fob remote...from my understanding if you walk away from the car the car automatically locks...is this true or do I have to press the lock on the key fob remote every time?

I had the key fob remote about 40-60 feet from the car and the car doors just open. I tried locking the doors and keeping the key fob remote thing at the same distance it was at when the car was broken into and the doors just open. How far away from the car should you keep the key fob remote so the car does not think the owner is opening the door?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts