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Cant stop new air strut leaking down.

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Hi all. I replaced my nearside air strut recently. Everytime I go out to the car in the morning the car is low. It pumps up no problems so I must have a leak in that strut. I rechecked the Voss connector. It still leaked. I carfully replaced the Voss connector with a new one making sure the end of the pipe is in good condition and I still have a leak. Any suggestions?
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Have you sprayed soapy water on it to find the actual leak?
No not yet. I will try this tomorrow. I didn't have a leak before that strut replacment so I assumed it must be the voss connector as that is the only part I disturbed.
Thanks for the advice.
Ok I've sprayed everything with soapy water. Cant find a leak. Although it must be a small one as leakdown is over 12 hours. Tonight I've locked the car with one door on the secondary catch to disable the self leveling just to prove it is that front nearside strut. I have a replacment strut on it's way in the next couple of days. The only other thing I noticed is that the air feed to that wing in the engine bay is blue. But the connection at the airbag is black. Is there an inline connector behind the arch liner ?
Yup it was a faulty strut Shupack. Replaced it with another new unit and it's fine. The company I ordered it from said it's the first faulty one they've had. Just my luck.
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