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can't shift out of park

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I just recently purchased my first classic (94' LWB) does anyone have any suggestions as to what would cause me not to be able to shift out of park. It seems the safety switch has failed??? also, the brake lights are not working... any help is appreciated
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Unless your brake light switch has come disconnected, which I assume you already checked, repalce your brake light switch and both will be working.
I haven't check the switch, would you happen to know where it is located? thanks
At the brake pedal
what could I use a reference for removing the lower dash panel for access to the brake switch. thanks
Download RAVE, although it is for 95 it will ve close enough to get you started. SEARCH will pull up additional details as well.
go to green oval.com for free service manual-rave. It's for 95 model year but you'll get the idea.
Assuming you haven't already fixed the problem, you should be able to see the switch between the pedal and the floor board. You won't need to remove any panels. Of course, I have the 95 RR Classic and it might not be the same for you. This switch has gone out on me twice in 175K. I now carry a spare. Fortunately both times have been within town. I once meet a fellow rover owner who had it happen to him and he had to have the vehicle towed several hundred miles back to civilization.
You can manually move shifter out of park but if brake switch has failed you will have no brake lights. Remove shifter handle, then gear selector-panel, you will see a spring loaded pin that holds shifter in park, push this out with screwdriver and you can shift car .
I had a similar problem last year. Brake lights wouldn't light up, and the car wouldn't shift out of park. I replaced the brake switch ($89 from Atlantic British) and removed the shifter solenoid. No more getting stuck in park for me!!

To get to the switch, you need remove the cover just above the pedals.
the brake switch solved the problem, found one at autozone for $25. 94' dash is slightly more involved than 95
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