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okay folks, let's use the correct terms when posting and responding. Eventully folks will be more comfortable with synching their own keys and stop being ripped off by sellers on eBay with used keys.

You CAN NOT program a key yourself. They arrive preprogrammed to the security/ignition to the dealer OR/AND, depending on year of L322, they also have to be programmed to the ignition system... this applies to newer years.

You CAN sync the remote side of the key to the door locks/tailgate using the following steps... same as found in your owners manual and RAVE/workshop manuals.

Get in and close all doors. Turn ignition on and off quickly and remove the key (all within about 5 seconds).

Within 30 seconds of turning the ignition off, while holding down the "unlock" button, press the "lock" button three times. Release the "unlock" button. (You may or may not get the confirmation from the door locks.) Holding the key at your head level provides best results as the key sensor is in the side window pillar. Hold it high above center console between headrests.

Repeat for each key you want to sync within 30 seconds after the last one you initialized

Right after doing the last key, quickly put the key back in the ignition and turn it on/off again to finalize the process.
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