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Hi everyone, I posted a little while back about my need for some serious mud tyres. After an insane amount of research and navel-gazing I've settled on the tyre but I still cannot decide on the size - whether to go for the taller 215/85 or the fatter 225/75 (which is more similar in height to the OEM 205R16). I swing hopelessly back and forth between the two options, it's getting a bit silly now and I'd love to canvass any thoughts from you guys. It's not an insignificant amount of money for me and I don't want to regret my final choice.

My plan is to use the new muddies during the wetter months, then swap back to more of a highway/AT tyre for most of the year. I have a trailer and a caravan which will soon have Rangie hubs so I'm planning to use the 'off season' wheels on them. I will also need to replace the highway tyres in the next year or so, and ideally I'd like to get the same size as the muddies so I can use the same spares across the car and trailers. I don't go rock-crawling or anything, I just have to access a rural property where the tracks turn slimy and/or boggy in the wetter months. Otherwise it's mostly highway with a bit of touring/exploring. No snow or ice around these parts and no need for flotation that I can see.

So the pros and cons as I see them are:

Pros: Commonly available, swappable with OEM/spares, easy to find highway tyres to match.
Cons: Fatter, and the main reason for this purchase is mud traction (where thinner rules).

Pros: Taller, narrower profile & longer footprint. More ground clearance and better in mud. Should correct my speedo reading (currently ~5% high).
Cons: 44mm (1¾") taller than OEM and presumably not interchangeable as spares. Less highway options to match. Have heard reports that the extra height can cause problems in older cars unless your junk is tight.

Can anyone break my infinite loop of irresolvable reasoning?! :mrgreen:
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