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Hi guys - I have a 2012 RRSSC. It has done around 14,000 km. Never had a vibration / balance issue in the steering with the OEM Michelins. Decided to replace the OEM with Nokian WRG2 SUV in 275/40/20 and had them mounted on the rims the car came with (will use them year round.) Used a road force balance machine at an independent tire shop that had done a great job for me over 8 years.

Since then I have this variable balance issue. There is a wobble around 90kph, then around 105kph and then at 120kph. The wobble comes and goes. The wobble gets worse if I accelerate hard & then goes away after a bit.

The tire shop has agreed to change all 4 tires.

Now the question: The tire shop dude was saying that all rims are slightly off and with 20inch rims the issues are magnified. Hence, small imperfections in rims plus tires that have a 40 profile can cause this problem and an issue with balance. Do you guys buy that? He also said that the road force balance machine indicates that all 4 tires are not really balanced 100% but they can't seem to do better. Would appreciate your thoughts....

Anyway - he has ordered new tires. Will have them on in a week or so and will report back.
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